Colloidal Silver Minerals are the leaders in manufacturing and wholesale supply of Colloidal Silver. We are a passionate team based in Byron Bay region, Upper Horseshoe Creek. We are totally off grid and use the suns energy to produce our colloidal silver. We aim to increase people's awareness about the many amazing benefits and history of Colloidal Silver.

We offer the highest quality Colloidal Silver based products. We use pure fine silver 99.99+ and the purest distilled water available, all our products are 100% natural without any additives!

Created using low voltage DC electrolytically isolated silver which is what most people call colloidal silver, but is a combination of both colloidal(~15%) and ionic silver(~85%).

A combination of ancient methods and advanced technologies are used to create our colloidal silver, using frequencies and vibrations similar to what we vibrate at for maximum benefits.

Colloidal Silver Minerals is a mineral supplement used to boost your natural immune system. It's naturally alkaline (PH 8.5+), non-toxic (unless allergic to silver) and does not sting. Colloidal Silver has proven antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. It destroys bacteria, fungi and viruses without damage to the beneficial human bacteria and tissue cells. It has been used for 1000's of years and is rapidly gaining popularity again.

Bacteria and viruses are not known to build resistance to colloidal silver making it a powerful mineral supplement to boost your family and pet's natural immune system and health.

Silver ions complement the body’s natural immune system by providing exceptional protection against pathogenic bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses.

Colloidal Silver has been used for a wide range of uses.  A few uses include:

  • Aids in the natural healing of burns, infections and skin problems.
  • Boost natural immunity.
  • Aquaculture and aquariums.
  • Pets and Livestock(Pavo virus, hot spots, mastitis, eczema, general bacterial, parasitic and virus infections).
  • Keep cut flowers for longer in your vase!
  • Helps will smelly odours(bins,shoes & arm pits).
  • Non-toxic disinfectant.
  • Kills mould.
  • Improves water quality, great for water tanks.
  • Spray on plant foliage, to stop fungi, moulds, rot, and most plant diseases.
  • Great mouth wash.


An extremely powerful non-toxic natural supplement with proven effects against bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi. Before 1938 colloidal/ionic silver proved to be useful in treating over 650 different disease-causing pathogens. Resistant strains have never been known to develop.


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